Cut Agency Fees Over 50%

Higher ROAS Than Big Agencies, And We Cost Less.

An Always Evolving Advantage

In just 90 days our average client spends 20% less for the same clicks. All of our clients save at least 15%.

PPC (Paid Search Ads)

As a stakeholder in your business, this means we eliminate wasteful adspend and drive efficiency for bigger margins while charging a fraction of big agencies. At Firmly Rooted you get Paid Ads that optimize toward KPI goals until you tell it to stop. We offer you the best we know exists. Used by organizations such as the University of Phoenix, Ashford University, and more.

Bring Transforming Insights to your Ads

When Analytics Evolve Strategy

Get More Clicks Out Of Ads

Notice how Clicks per Impressions improved as we began to launch our campaigns over the first 60 days. Proactive expert management scales up what's working and quickly optimize towards its KPI.

Get Better Conversion Out Of Ads

Once bid strategy identifies the best performing CPC we can scale effectively to reach measured benchmarks while improving Conversion Rate from more effective ads campaigns.

Giving You Everything You Need

Our holistic approach focuses on both organic and search marketing channels to improve the efficiency of your Search Ads spend.Track, measure, and stay up to date with performance analytics.

Marketing More THan Ads

Facebook Ads

Ad campaigns are built upon 40+ hours of research to target specific users who click because we target their interests, not demographics. Building sales funnels of like-minded individuals for higher performing split testing, content, and conversion assets.

Content and SEO

An unrelenting focus on optimization of content, conversion assets, and site traffic lead to constant improvements from start to finish. The work never ends.

Confidence Through Work

Before anything is done we've already built out the traffic systems, sales funnels, keyword and interest research, with master plans for each. We are able to offer the service we do, for what we do, by relentlessly putting in the work required to succeed no matter what.

Current Performance:
Paid Search
Average YOY on $20+ million budget:
Impressions up 110+%
Clicks up 50%
Cost per Click down 40%
Cost down 15%
Leads up 30%
CPL down 35%

Dollars in wasted spend saved:
~ $5+ Million
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